Cool Tools from Le Valley

Lee Valley is probably my favorite catalog for hand tools. They are precision made and reasonably priced.

They have different catalogs for different tools like there garden tools catalog.  How about 29 different hand pruners, Traditional Japanese Bonsai Tools, or a down spout trellis, more drip irrigation supplies then Lowes and Home Depot combined, or the 23 inch mucking gloves for working around the pond.  192 pages of cool tools.

The 252 page Hardware Catalog with over 100 pages of just pulls and knobs. Looking for square cut nails or some UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) Polyethlene.  Plastic that is slippery enough and tough enough to ice skate on.  You’ll find stuff like metal door knockers in the shape of a dragon fly or clam shell.  Here again top quality and one of a kind cool stuff.

This company even has a 48 page catalog of just wood working and gardening books.

I do not profit in anyway from recommending this company or its catalogs so you’ll find not affiliate likes on this page.  You really should take a look.