J.D. Powers performed their 2012 Kitchen Cabinet Satisfaction Study in January February of this year and in May released the results.  J.D. Powers surveyed people who had purchased new kitchen cabinets in the past year. The results indicate that there is not a lot of brand differentiating as the scores for the top ranked IKEA and the average were very close this year.

The study does a deep dive in 5 key areas:

  • Ordering and delivery
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Design Features
  • Operational Performance

Ikea was able to differentiate themselves in Order and Delivery which is a consumer’s #1 issue. This is surprising given that the quality of material the cabinets are made from which shows up in operational performance is not that important to consumers. Features took a back seat to ordering and delivery in the study


I keas has broken the code on customer support when it comes to Kitchen Cabinets, helping consumers order there cabinets making sure they are delivered on time and are not damaged.

Other Brands being sold by big box retailers are struggling with level of customer support.  Not surprising since the one person takes the order, another builds the cabinets, and a third ships allowing each to point the finger at the other if something goes wrong.  Companies like Ikea keep accountability aligned with the all phases of the product life cycle.

The next three top kitchen cabinet companies in the study are; American Woodmark, Thomasville, and Merillat.

Here we see design features becoming important and Thomasville is leading the competition in this area.

If you have purchased kitchen cabinets before your decision process is being driven by that experience but for the first time buyer they are looking for recommendation from family friends, contractors and retailers.

The retailer has the benefit of providing in-store displays that can high light what J.D. Powers believes are the key ending up with a kitchen you’ll love.  Features, Style of the Cabinets, Storage Accessories, Types of wood or finishes, and even shape all play an integral part in the decision.

The retailer can, with the right display, show the buyer all that is available and the buyer can touch and try the different features. They can see visually what different counter top with wood type will look like. So the Cabinet companies can differentiate themselves buy have the best displays loaded with every feature the consumer may want.

The average delivery time fro new cabinets was eighteen days. The study showed that 14% of the cabinets that were delivered were damaged.  So if you are doing a project and your cabinets arrive open them immediately to check for damage since a re-order could take 18 or more days.

The average cost of cabinets in a remodeled kitchen was $4,400 according to the study.

According tot he study the most desired features include lazy-susan, hidden door hinges, pull out waste and recycle bins, crown moldings, and a microwave shelf.

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