Columbia Forest Products has just released MPX® Plywood.  MPX represents the newest innovation in plywood core technology and is now available throughout the US and Canada.

This veneer core plywood panel features a Meinan®-peeled poplar cross-band under the decorative face and back and includes soy-based PureBond® formaldehyde-free technology. This techonolgy reduces telegraphing of core faws to the surface level making MPX very smooth.


At the core of MPX is a hardwood crossband of Tulip Wood also known as Yellow Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) under the face and back.

Smoothest All-wood Core in North America!

Immediate benefits of using MPX panels reported by woodworking customers include:

  • Lighter weight than panels with MDF cores – thus less strain on the team when handling panels in the shop or transferring finished goods in the field;
  • Smoother, more consistent face qualities and panel thicknesses – requiring less time to sort and inspect panels before cutting or matching;
  • Improved screw-holding characteristics vs. MDF core panels;
  • The ability to market an “all-wood” product vs. fighting the stigma of using composite wood products within finished cabinetry boxes;
  • Inventory control – shops are now able to simplify the range of panel products they purchase, since the MPX panel can “do it all;”
  • Lower incidence of shop waste, along with fewer incidences of rework and callbacks. Finer finished goods can be produced, contributing to higher customer satisfaction and increased referrals.

Smoothest All-wood Core in North America!

MPX is perfect for standard fabrications, but is highly recommended for pre-finished panels with high visibility requirements. Fabricators will experience less “fall-down” or scrap as well as fewer reworks and callbacks while producing finer finished goods with higher customer satisfaction and referrals.

  • Uses a domestic hardwood poplar crossband beneath the face and back to reduce the potential for core ‘telegraphing.”
  • Smoothest crossband in the hardwood plywood industry for veneer core construction.
  • Improved surface is perfect for even finishing results.
  • Reduces fabricator shop waste, callbacks and reworks.