Lamello Biscuit JoinerLamello Biscuit Joiner

Lamello  AG in Switzerland the maker of Lamello Biscuit Joiners has released the “Lamello Top 21” biscuit joiner.  It is the newest in their line up of plate joiners.  Lamello is known as the Cadillac of biscuit joiners and the features of the Top 21 make it easy to see why.

  • 800 watt electronically controlled SMART motor.  Soft Start, Speed Controlled with overload protection
  • Side Flushed base plate that allows quick alignment to the side of a work piece or in tight corners
  • Precision machined square front stop
  • Precision machined swiveling fence
  • Cut height adjustment w/ Step memory system
  • Cutter has scoring teeth for a cleaner grove
  • Ability to do zero to 135 degree motors
  • Optimized fan
  • Duct bag
  • Lamello wooden case

Dust Collection

One of things I have always enjoyed about Lamello biscuit joiners are their ability to collect 99.9% of the saw dust they create and the Top21 is not acception. Ther are multiple ways to collect the dust, a cloth bag is standard and attaches to the side dust port. An option is the side dust port vacuum hose adapter which is the way to go.


Removing the end cap on the motor, no tolls required) gives the user direct access to spare parts like the motor brushes, switches and electronics so maintaining this tool is user friendly without returning to the manufacturer.


Swiss made.  This precision instrument has the fit and finish of a fine automobile.  It has a solid feel with no loose parts rattling around.  The plunge is smooth and the new blade design make you want to biscuit joint every wood joint you can find.  The only thing I’m not happy about is the price tag, the Top 21 list for $1,095.00.