Woodworking Tip, Drying RackThe Woodworking Project

I had the woodworking challenge of building a large wall of book cases and had many panels and shelves that I wanted to stain and finish before assembly.

The Woodworking Challenge

How to finish all 6 sides of each panel or shelf and find rrom for them to dry without touching each other or other objects.

My Woodworking Solution

The soultion was 2 fold:

First before I started to finish each panel I would tap in finishing nails to the ends of each panel or shelf.  This would allow me access to the all sides and be able to move the panels without touching the finished surfaces.

Woodworking Finishing TipThe finishing nails rest on my saw horses or 2x4s on the bench so I can finish all sides.

The next step was to several spacing racks that are no more then 1x2s with 2” dowels sticking out. I mount these racks to a stable vertical surface like a wall or the opposite side of my free standing bench.  I have even used a step ladder with these racks clamped to both sides.

I can then move the wet panel to the drying rack.  I usually put down some paper on the ground in case of drips and stand the panels upright on one set of the finishing nails.   The nails at the other end lean against the PINS on the Racks stop the panels from touching each other.