For your power drill/driver applications Craftsman has announced the 19.2-volt Compact Lithium-ion Drill/Driver (model 17310).  As with most ½” drill the torque (340 in/lbs  in this case) can wrench your wrist so we recommend you use the auxiliary handle when engaged in low gear.

The 19.2 volt DieHard Lithium-ion battery has the power to see you thru most jobs and can be used with other C3-series tools by Craftsman.  But if you need to recharge take a 30 minute break and intelligent charger can have you back to 100%.


Battery                          19.2-volt Compact Lithium-ion
Gear Box                     2 Speed
Low Gear                    440 RPM with up to 340 in/lbs of torque
High Gear                   1600 RPM max
Chuck                          ½” single sleeve keyless
Brake                           Electronic
Clutch                         24 position


  • LED work light that activates when the trigger is pulled
  • Built-in horizontal bubble level
  • Auxiliary handle for extra control
  • Depth stop rod for accurate stopped-hole drilling.
  • Battery energy indicator red/yellow/green status lights
  • 19.2-volt compact Lithium-ion DieHard battery can be used with all Craftsman C3-series tools
  • Battery recharges in 30 minutes