A quality router is very important if you are going to make a special design on the edges of your cabinets or different materials made from wood or solid surface materials. The truth is, there are a lot of different routers out there in the market these days that offers you a variety of results, and therefore the competition is high. With this in mind, you will be needing one that can do a bunch of different tasks. The DEWALT DWP611PKis just the tool, its small but powerful, and comes with different bases for different tasks.

Here are a number of the options and specifications for the DEWALT DWP611PK.

  • The DEWALT DWP611PK is an electric router that has 1.25 horsepower motor to deliver the the amazing power output so you can withstand the hardest of woods.
  • A variable speed controller is incorporated to optimize the bit speed for different applications.
  • It has a soft-start feature that enables a lower start up torgue, therefore you’ll have a higher control of the unit.
  • Another distinct characteristic is its dust collection ability. Dewalt advertises their system will extract 100% of the wood dust.
  • When you need to make bit adjustments or changes there is a motor latch release that will speed bit or base change over.
  • The fixed base has an adjustment ring that adjusts in 1/64″ increments.
  • This device also comes with a hard case as well as the fence that weights only around ten pounds.
  •  The clear sub-base and twin l.e.d.s featured on  this product ensures visibility in operation to its maximum level.
  • This product comes with a plunge base that integrates wonderful adjustment rod to enable correct depth setting
  • The fixed base allows monumental work surface contact.

This router has impressive balance and control thus it will endure the toughest of jobs. It can be used to inlay channels, for trimming, making profiles,  cutting dadoes, decorating tiny boxes, and routing a quatrefoil design to name a few. It is powerful enough to tackle the tough jobs yet is light enough to use for hours with out fatigue.

The size makes it easy to use in tight spaces, it rests comfortably in your hands with no vibrations unlike alternative router. The tiny LED lights works well providing light where you need it.  The plunge base performs smoothly and accurately and the stops work great to regulate the depth.  The switching of bases is very easy.

This is probably the most effective router you can find in the market today. It is a professional tool with great quality of workmanship. Because of the size and features you won’t need to buy a trim router.

This tool is sold at a affordable price with all the benefits so you’re certain to induce value for your money. It works nice for all your trimming projects. This tool could be a must-have!