Portable Solar Generator

Need to be working remotely, this solar powered generator might just be the tool you need.  With 800 watts continuous out put 1600 peak you can work safely outdoors or  indoors with no fumes and no noise.

I’ve used mine several times on a job site and found it had more power then I needed.  I’ve taken it camping and need I say my site was the place everyone wanted to be … if only they would remember to bring more beer.

This thing is rugged, its on wheels and the only down side is it isn’t light at 98 pounds

Summary of Features:

* Solar Power Generator 800 Watts,Portable backup system
* Two solar panels 40 watts each, Solar charger controller,
* 800 watts continues running power invert,
* 105 Amph Battery storage (1260 watts).
* 1 GFCI outlet 120 AC volts and 3 devices 12 volt.
* Product Dimensions: 16 x 17 x 25 inches ; 95 pounds

The U.S. assembled A.S.S.-800 Portable Solar Generator is one of the most compact on the market. It’s ready to use indoor or outdoors with no fumes or noise. Tough engineering using an aluminum chassis with 5-inch rubber wheels,comes with

* 2panels producing 40 WATTS each.

* Sealed deep cycle Battery bank deep cycle, providing 105 Amp hours(20 hours.)

* Power Inverter 800 watt continuous output power 1600 W. surge rating (peak).

* alarm voltage shutdown

* voltage,reverse polarity protection

* Solar charger controller EPHC12/24V 10 Amp

* build-in electronic fused


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