You only need two tools:

If it moves and it’s not suppose to use duct tape.
If it’s suppose to move and doesn’t use WD-40.

For those that don’t want their woodworking project to look like a duct tape disaster, you might consider using a good quality glue and some clamps to hold the pieces together temporarily. However, around my shop I can never have enough clamps.  From high end Bessey all the way down to shop made (have my kid sit on it for half an hour) I have an array, but never the right number of the right size.  Not sure I ever will … but nonetheless I try.

You can never have enough Clamps so check out some of these …. clamp catalog

OBTW  (oh by the way) I love the Bessey clamps the jaws stay parallel they have more holding pressure then you need. (be careful not to squeeze out all the glue). The down side is weight.  They are built tough and that translates into heavy.  If you are looking for light try the aluminum bar clamps from peachtree.