Veritas Magnetic Saw Guides

My woodworking skills are probably above average but making a precision perpendicular cut on a piece of wood by hand can be a daunting task. When ever I’m cutting the shoulder cut on tenon the saw tends to toe in or toe out or I’m concentrating so much on the vertical cut I miss-align the horizontal position.

The people over at Veritas Tools Inc. have come up with a solution for someone like me it’s a Magnetic Saw Guide. The anodized aluminum guide provides a registration surface.  It has three half inch rare earth magnets embedded in it and an Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) cover to keep the saw from binding against the guide as the magnets are extremely powerful.


There are 2 types of rare earth magnets one of those is Neodymium.  According to K&J Magnetics Inc a ½” diameter by 1/8” thick Neodymium Cylinder Magnet can hold about 6.44 pounds.  However, if you took that same magnet and sandwiched it between two steel plates it would take about 16 pounds of force to separate them.  Way cool.

The bottom of the guide has 2 high friction strips to help hold the guide in place and a T-slot to accept  a pair of clamps that Vetitas sells separately for about $37.50. The Magnetic Saw guide comes in an 8” version for $26.50 and a 14” version for $29.50.