Find The Best Deals on BucketBoss Organizers“In this world full of cheap knock-oofs, goofy marketing gimmicks and shoddy Craftsmanship, one company dares to spit in the face of conventional wisdom.  BucketBoss believes that most people still care about the products they buy and they are frankly, a little sick and tired of the “lowest-common denominator” thinking that is driving most good things into pure shine-ola.”

There are some things that bucket boss makes that I have tired and just didn’t like them like the 56 pocket Bucket Boss.

The first consideration is weight.  Fill this bad boy with tools and you can hurt your back picking it up.  Also I didn’t like the outside pocket I’m constantly spinning this thing around to try and find the tool I need which accordingly is always on the opposite side that I’m look at.

The next issue I had was balance why they put he drill pocket and hammer loop on the same side is beyond me.

If you use a 25′ or larger tape measure they provide a soft loop to hang it on (not a metal clip like competitors) or better yet not a large tape measure pocket.

Pocket sizes seem to be small medium, medium medium, and large medium. Not a lot of small ones for awls, punch, pencil small screwdrivers, and no long one for full sixe files or a 12″ ruler/straight edge.

The last issue is what I call the fan effect. If you fill the pockets will tools and stuff they layer one on top of the other and items in the bottom pockets can pock out 6 inches from the bucket, making it difficult to carry.

You can get an optional seat which seems like a good idea. However it is tempting to stand on it for some tasks and today’s 5 gallon plastic buckets are getting thinner and cheaper and could break allowing you to plummet onto a bunch of sharp tools. I don’t even like to think about that.

If you are going to use one of these your going to need the Bucket Boss Brand 08010 Bucket Grip or that 1/2″ plastic handle on the bucket will be real uncomfortable.

Other then that I liked how rugged it is, the color etc but I don’t use one.

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